About CN Bring



CN Bring was born to Frances and Arthur Nelson Jr. in Helena, Montana in February 1961. Her father Arthur was an E-4 56-229 Specialist Arthur G. Nelson Jr. who served in the United States Army from 1954-1962.  He served active duty in Germany and was stationed at Army Base Garrison Stuttgart from 1954-1956. Nelson served in the reserves until 1962. After serving in the Army he then went to work as an editor for Helena Montana’s newspaper The Independent Record.  Her mother was a homemaker and an avid reader of mysteries.

CN married a logger, Glen Bring, in 1981. Originally CN wanted eight children but instead they raised four children and now have four grandchildren. She was a homemaker until the children were in High School and then she was a Dispatcher for the local PD and also worked in Central Sterile in the local Hospital’s OR. In 1998 she went back to school and received an Associates Degree in Criminal Investigation as well as hand gun training.

When Bring is not writing she is visiting children and grandchildren. Bring spent several years as a Motocross mom and is a football and hockey fan. During football season you can find her trying to catch every game of The Green Bay Packers. The Hockey team she cheers for is the Detroit Red Wings. Once summer hits, Bring connects with the Christian Motorcyclists Association.

CN Bring gravitated toward military intrigue and suspense coming from a military family and a mother who read nothing but mysteries. Many of her family members served in the Army and Navy and some are still serving today. The Celia Kelly Series has four books and counting; The Pact, The Lie, The Truth and The Disappearance. Bring’s extensive research and life experience lend an authentic feel to her Celia Kelly Series (Military/Mystery/Thriller). Bring is also a member of Christian Motorcyclist Association, Military Writers Society of America, Toastmasters International, Women’s National Book Association and part of Authors Supporting Troops as well as a volunteer for the USO.








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