CN Salutes Madi Olsen, who happens to be my niece. She recently wrote an essay profoundly stating what freedom means to her. Thank you, Madi, for reminding us all what it’s all about!


What Freedom Means To Me

by Madie Olsen, 8th grade Colton, Oregon

When you hear the word freedom what do you think of? Do you think of eagles and the flag? Or maybe you think of the freedom to speak and say what you feel. Personally I think of all of these  things but I also think of so much more.

Freedom to me means being able to express yourself, such as wearing what you want, and not being told to change. Expressing how you feel is also freedom to me. Everyone should have the freedom to wear what they like and say what they’d like. People shouldn’t be judged for what they wear or how they feel, because everyone’s free to express themselves.

I feel that freedom means having equal rights. Such as having both men and woman voting. Also some people think that only men should play football, but it’s a free country, so they can’t stop girls from playing it too:

When I think of freedom I also think of the soldiers who fought for our freedom, and are still fighting to keep us free and safe. Freedom is a very precious thing, and I’m so thankful to have an army that realizes that.

To be free is an amazing feeling to me, and I get this feeling whenever I go hunting with my dad. Hunting is something that takes my mind off of everything else going on at home. When I’m with my dad in the great outdoors, I can see the sun rising and hear the birds chirping, also I breathe in the chilled air. At that moment I can just see the word “freedom” in my mind. Freedom to me means being able to enjoy the little things without worrying about war or anything else, and also enjoying these things with the ones I love.

Freedom means everything to me.

Thank you to all our veterans out there who were part of persevering the freedom we all share today!


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