Army Specialist Brett Rogers (right)


CN Salutes Army Specialist Brett Rogers, who is currently serving at Fort Stewart, GA. It is his first duty station as an X-Ray Tech, 68P.  He attended basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma  and Fort Sam Houston and finished up back at Fort Sill.  Rogers met his wife, Veteran Private First Class Sara Rogers, a 68W, combat medic/health care specialist in the Army.  As Rogers begins his military career and upcoming deployment, along with beginning his family, he is faced with the challenges that surround balancing both.

What are your duties?
I am in a support battalion that is gearing up to go to Afghanistan. We are focusing on inventory and packing for the deployment. As an X-Ray Tech, I will be responsible for shooting X-Rays in the hospital.

What was the training and prep for your MOS?
I spent six months in a classroom at Fort Sam Houston, followed by six months of hands on practice at Fort Sill

What do you like most about serving?
The people I have met, including my wife.

What prompted you to serve?
I was looking for a way to better my future and I wanted to serve my country.

What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced?
Leaving my family in Texas was difficult for me.  It is also a challenge to prepare to leave my expectant wife before the birth of our first child.

What was the most rewarding experience?
I feel like I have grown a lot since joining. Not only do I have a career that I can continue in the civilian sector, but I have started a family. It is rewarding to know that I am on the right track.

How does serving affect your family? Do they find their part of service rewarding?
I don’t get to see my family as much as I would like. They also have to be very flexible because I am never sure what my schedule will be like and things tend to change at the last minute. I think that sometimes it is difficult for them, but they are proud of the man I have become and they find that rewarding.

You met your wife while you both in the Army. Once you chose to start a family how did you go about deciding your options?
The unit we were in is scheduled to deploy next month and we are also expecting our first child at around the same time. She would have had to stay here in GA while I deployed, away from friends and family, if she had stayed on active duty. We decided it would be best for her to get out and join the reserves. She can now go home to Montana and get support from her family while I am away. It is difficult to be dual military with children, especially in a unit that deploys so often and the decision for her to get out was best for our growing family.

When scheduling for deployment, what must you do to prepare for that?
As a unit we have made sure that all of our medical and personal equipment was inventoried and shipped so that we could ship it. We also ensure that our personnel are deployment ready by going through a medical evaluation, getting needed vaccines as well as any blood/lab tests required.  I have also had to ensure that my family is prepared and that they will be taken care of while I am away.

What is your advice to someone thinking about serving their country?
I would suggest looking at all options available. I think that an emphasis on a college education is invaluable. I wouldn’t trade my experience, or the people I have met, but I do wish I had finished school



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