Lisa Becker
15B Aviator Officer Captain Lisa Becker

While in Japan this summer I had the pleasure of meeting many soldiers that my son-in-law, CW2 Moore, worked with. One of them was his Commanding Officer, 15B Aviator Officer Captain Lisa Becker. Her accomplishments in the Army are impressive. She is highly respected by the soldiers in her command where she serves at Camp Zama, Japan.

What were/are your duties?
I am an aviation officer and currently the A Company Commander, United States Army Aviation Battalion Japan.  My primary responsibilities are to ensure the safety and welfare of my Soldiers and execution of the mission.  In Japan, our primary mission is to provide distinguished visitor or VIP transport of United States officials.

What prompted you to serve?
Originally, I joined the Army Reserves because I was looking for a way to pay for college.  I also wanted a challenge, so I thought that the Army would challenge me in new ways.  I loved the Army and knew that I wanted to cross over to active duty after I finished college.  That plan changed the spring of my freshman year of college, (Centre College, a small liberal arts school in Danville, KY)  when I decided to start an application to West Point.  I was accepted the fall of my sophomore year and decided to give West Point a try.  Four years later (my first two years of civilian college did not count at West Point), I graduated and became an officer.

What was the training and prep for your MOS?
I went to Army flight school in Fort Rucker, AL.  I attended a series of classes based on basic officer skills, aviation maintenance, SERES survival school, over water survival training, etc.  Once I completed those prerequisites, I started actual flight school, which consisted of a half day of academics and the rest of the day on the flight line learning to fly helicopters.  Once I graduated from flight school, I moved to my first duty station at US Army Ansbach, Katterbach, Germany. Following my assignment in Germany, I moved back to Fort Rucker to attend the Aviation Captain’s Career Course (AVCCC). Japan is my follow-on assignment from the AVCCC.

What do you like most about serving?
I love the variety and challenges at work.  No day is ever the same and rarely do the days go as planned.  The absolute best part of my job is working with some outstanding individuals.  Those individuals always exceed my expectations and come together to make an amazing team.  I go home every day amazed that I am so privileged to have such outstanding people work for me.

What are some of the greatest challenges you faced?
As an officer, I have changed jobs about every 12 months, so learning new jobs is always challenging.  Once I get comfortable with a job, it seems that it is time to move to another job.  The advantage to changing jobs so frequently is that I do not get sick of my job.

Being a female in the military always has its challenges.  In the aviation community, I have seen a perception that female pilots are not cut out to fly.  Fighting that stereotype is something that gets frustrating.  I think that the most important lesson I have learned is not to focus on the fight, but to stay true to oneself and not conform to a particular stereotype.

The TV program Japan Rising Star filming Captain Becker's unit.
The TV program Japan Rising Star filming Captain Becker’s unit.

What was the most rewarding experience?
It’s almost cliché, but leading America’s Soldiers is the most rewarding experience I could imagine. Seeing a group of individuals from different backgrounds come together to make the mission happen never gets old.  It is a privilege to be part of this organization.

How does serving affect your family?
I currently am not married and do not have children.  I know that my parents and siblings are proud of me for my service!




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