Ronald Webb
Ronald Webb

Army Specialist E-5 Ronald Webb served his country on many fronts often working closely with the Navy.  Webb’s MOS was Clerical and Administration.  This particular MOS would give him opportunities to witness history in ways other soldiers couldn’t.
Webb first served in US Army Alaska in the office of Commanding General in a clerical administrative nature.  He then served in Virginia at Fort Myers with JAG (Judge Advocate General Corps) where his duties were legal in nature. At the Pentagon Webb served in the Office of Commanding General US Army, with top security clearance. In Vietnam he was Congressional Investigation, Classified. Later in Vietnam he was J-3 MAC Intelligence attached to the Navy and also served as Adviser/Administrator to Vietnamese engineers.  Webb received the Army Commendation Medal given by Navy Commander with General Westmoreland’s signature and other standard service ribbons for Vietnam.

What was the training and prep for your MOS?
Clerical Administrative school U.S. Army
Continuing education:  Alaska State University Business College in Washington, D.C.  University of Maryland

What did you like most about serving?
Camaraderie with fellow soldiers, knowing, we’re in Vietnam together.

What prompted you to serve?  
I come from a small town (economics, played a part), where blue collar patriotism flourishes.  In plain spoken words:  Red, white, and blue.

What was some of the greatest challenges you faced?
Culture and language barriers in Vietnam.

What was the most rewarding experience?
I gained a perspective of how the world views an “ugly American,” and at times understand their views. How freedom endures, and the fact that it is our obligation as a “free” nation to help others in need, is, and should remain, our commitment.

How did serving affect your family?  Did they find their part of service rewarding?
Actually, it accelerated a pending divorce (sad to say) that looking back was inevitable. Grandfather was in WWI, Father was also in service.  Brother was serving in Europe with U.S. Army.  Extended family took pride in my service. However, when returning to college (you know) the problems we faced as a Vietnam Veteran in college at that time in history.  (No respect for us).

What was your opportunities as a veteran?
G.I. Bill where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science. I never would have been able to do that without the GI Bill. I then went on to become an instructor for HazMat Safety.

Today, Web has written a couple of poetry books, Treasure Chest of Poems and Treasurer Chest of Poems 2. Webb recently began working on his first novel.



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